By Connie Benoit Sirois




A Call to Communication that has a Positive Impact

You communicate. That’s your superpower. You can wield it to have a positive impact, or you can use it for negative purposes. As communicative beings, we are every moment using our abilities to impact ourselves and others. How we can do this positively and why it matters that we do are what The Impact Directive answers for you. You’ll transform how you see yourself as a communicator and be prepared to have a more positive impact on yourself and others going forward. Join the Directive.


Connie Sirois

My communication journey has led me to know both the reason this book is needed and the wonderful outcome of following its advice. I am the person that this book was meant to transform, and I am thankful to have been given the directive to write it. Both my intra-personal and my interpersonal communications have changed dramatically, and I am so excited to share methods and concepts that will help you find where you are and move you in the direction of better. 

Do you sense that communication can be done better? Me too. Because we can communicate, we can change the world, and we begin that change by starting within. 



You can tell yourself absolutely anything.
Make it worth hearing.

– Connie benoit sirois

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Book Signing • Thibodaux, LA

Join me as I share my heart and sign copies of my new book.


Impact Discussion • Thibodaux, LA

Join us for a walk through how The Impact Directive came to be and why everyone is directed to impact others positively. 

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Impact You. Impact Me.


Our everyday moments are our opportunities to love others. Our everyday objects are a great way to see the way.

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