“I teach Christians how to keep their communication Christian in a world full of opportunities not to.” ~Connie

There’s a story to tell. Can I share it with you?

After decades of studying and teaching communication, I had a transformation that changed how I cared about what I knew about communication. That led me to want to write a book about communication. In 2018, while writing that book, I “heard” God speak to my heart: “Let the Holy Spirit guide what you do with what you know.” And since then, I’ve been seeking to do just that…in my book and blogs, in my emails and social posts, in my speaking and training. When I started sharing my transformation story, others were encouraged to seek transformation too.

Blessings, Connie

Connie mixes passion and subtle humor to entertain but deeply move her audience to desire transformation. Using real examples, combined with theory and application, Connie sets the foundation for desired change and then provides practical ways to begin making those changes. A mix of communication theory, psychological principles, and Biblical truth provides a solid base for Christians to begin communication transformations that will impact every part of their lives.

Connie’s Main Topics …

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Keepin' it Christian

In the midst of our daily reality, it can be right hard to show up as a Christian should. “Keepin’ it Christian” challenges and motivates audience members to show up better and shares a mindset method and practical advice on achieving this faith-reality alignment.

Altered Impact

Communicating happens in every moment of our lives, and how we do this communicating comes from deep within ourselves. “Altered Impact” challenges audience members on their core values and inner voices and equips them to alter themselves for the better so that they can have a profound and positive impact in the world.

Crafting Communication

God is the master potter, and we are the vessels that He creates (Isaiah 64:8). We have the awesome responsibility of taking these vessels out into the world and crafting what comes out of them. “Crafting Communication” inspires and instructs so that listeners leave motivated and prepared to craft truly wonderful communication. 

Crafted Presence

Each of us has a perceived presence. How we show up and what people sense about us set us up for success and influence…or not. “Crafted Presence” is all about how our presence helps us to connect with people. It teaches questioning and listening techniques and the four pillars of impactful communication, thereby allowing audience members to leave ready to craft a more powerful presence. 

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Over her decades of teaching and consulting, Connie has spoken in various settings, delivering presentations that range from highly motivational to deeply educational to beautifully biblical. Connie’s wide range of experience with very different audiences, everyone from middle schoolers to CEOs, gives her the poise to capture any audience’s hearts and attention. 


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“Great course. Definitely recommend for all rookie NPs.”

“Great speaker. Great content.”

“Interesting information- enjoyed playing with Play Dough; haven’t done that in a long time!!”

“I really enjoyed the speaker and the communication pearls she shared on being an excellent leader.”

– Survey comments from Louisiana Nurse Practitioner conference breakout 2019