How I Impact

Truly honoring others is the foundation of our Christian lives, and the core concepts that I base all of my teaching on are how you truly honor people through your communication.

Communication permeates every area and issue in your life. It is the one thing that everything you do relies upon. So many needs can be addressed by approaching our communications differently.


Whether you’re having a conference or coordinating a more intimate event, engaging content is a must. With 25+ years of teaching and presentation experience, I will engage your audience and leave them feeling great about your event.
Let’s fill your stage.

Group Trainings

Communication success relies on every team member being at his or her best when it comes to communication skills and knowledge. Your team can never know too much about how and when and what to communicate to whom. Group trainings are a great way to build the supportive team spirit.
Let me join your team.

Individual Coaching

Your most profound improvements will come from working one-on-one with an expert teacher. Individual coaching makes sense for you if you want just that much more from yourself. In your one-on-one sessions, you get a rich learning environment and personalized training.
Let me come along side you in this journey.

Communication Consulting

Every communication effort is a chance to build relationships. Collectively, your communications show what you care about. Having a communication strategy for your business (and for yourself) helps guide when and how and what gets communicated and brings into focus the who of every communication effort.
Let me help you leave nothing to chance.

Online Mentoring

Digital technologies mean constant opportunities to connect. I take full advantage of digital technologies to deliver professional communication mentoring and training. You have access to great coaching at your place and at your pace.
Let’s get you signed up.

The Difference

My Core Concepts Approach


Focus on audience & how to truly reach that audience.


Focus on the positive to demonstrate that you care.


Communicate in a familiar way to build better relationships.


Say what needs to be said and in the best way possible.

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