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Readers Guide to The Impact Directive

Take your heart work from The Impact Directive to a deeper place with the prompts and discussions in The Readers Guide. Whether you gather a small group to journey with you to more impactful communication or you go it alone, you’ll find questions and discussion prompts that challenge you to dig deep and make profound change. FREE RESOURCE.


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Keep It Christian Mini-Challenge

Because it is just plain hard to walk out our faith in this world, this course was designed for all of us who deeply desire to be a light in the world but who struggle to keep it Christian in our daily, messy, busy lives. I know your heart on this one. Take the Challenge that this Course offers. It’s worth it.


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the IMPACT community

A group of discerning individuals who want to positively impact everything about their lives by working on the one thing that can do that–their communication. Whether it’s more success, more connection, more opportunities, or more alignment, our tribe wants more impact. “Every word. Every gesture. Every expression. Every silence. In every communication, we have a chance to have an IMPACT. Let’s seek to make sure we IMPACT in a positive way everyone who crosses our path in life! I’m blessed that you crossed my path.” ~Connie Benoit Sirois


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Positive Impact Blueprint

This PDF resource is a quick reference to the four powerful concepts that I teach as the foundation of all of our impactful communication. Complete with concept descriptions and practical examples to help you see the concepts in action, this PDF is an invaluable resource to help you quickly remind yourself in every situation.

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The Impact Academy Membership

All of my fabulous resources gathered into one place, this membership site gives you ready access to video trainings, printables, blog posts, and so much more. You can stay a free member forever if you wish, or you can join one of the premium levels when you are ready to truly change your game. 


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Tip Sheet for The Impact Directive Book

All the great methods in an easy to digest tip sheet. Printable PDF. 

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The Impact Directive


Our inner selves and other people deserve for us to give our all to our communication. Let’s all agree to use our communication to honor others and ourselves. Let’s take the directive to truly do communication the best possible way in every moment. Our lives are replete with opportunities to get our communication right. Will you join the movement? 

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