Stand-alone Course

The Impact Starter Course

This course is the place to begin your journey toward impressive communication that honors others while honoring yourself. You’ll learn key methods to crafting positive communication in every moment of your life. It’s a valuable course for a nominal cost.

Paperback, Hardcover, and Kindle


The Impact Directive Book

As communicative beings, we are every moment using our abilities to impact ourselves and others. How we can do this positively and why it matters that we do are what The Impact Directive answers for you. You’ll transform how you see yourself as a communicator and be prepared to have a more positive impact on yourself and others going forward.


Multi-level Memberships

The Impact Academy

The best way to gain control of our communication superpowers so that we harness them in the most influential and impactful ways is to work with a mentor. Since we all have different needs and abilities to commit, having options for working with an expert is important. The Impact Academy gives you these options.