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Thanks for stopping in. I’m Connie Benoit Sirois, owner of Reset Focus, founder of The Impact Directive, and author of The Impact Directive: How to Use Your Communication to Positively Impact Yourself and Others and Why It Matters That You Do.


I’m an author, speaker, and coach who is absolutely taken with helping people truly honor others through their communication. Using foundational communication concepts, I help Christians become better at both intra-personal and interpersonal communication so that they can align how they communicate with what they profess. We live life with other people, so let’s honor those people by blessing them with stellar communication. In doing so, our lives will be blessed too.


Confession. I’ve been my worst student. Really. To be downright honest, my communication to others has stunk up the room on many occasions. I have not always practiced what I preach.


What has changed to make me truly focus on honoring others, you ask? I have changed. I’ve changed because, after more than 40 years, I realized that I believed in Jesus but I was not IN a relationship with Jesus. I’ve finally started communicating with myself in a positive way. I’ve changed the narrative in my life, and that has changed my communication with others.
Aligning my Christian faith with my work and life means honoring others, truly loving others by offering them my best self in every moment, even when I’m not my best self at that moment. And it means honoring myself with my internal communication too.