As I pondered after last week’s message all that I was intending and not doing, I stepped pretty hard on my own toes. (Really, the Holy Spirit was doing the stepping.) My blog posts are as much for me as they are for any of you reading out there. I need to hear because God’s not done!!

What kept grinding on me in the days following our Message 1 in this series was that I have great intentions related to my study of God’s Word, but I am not really doing what I so very much intend to do. I do my Bible study each morning, but the deep work of studying that I know needs to be done in this new season of my life has yet to find its way into my daily routine. And that right there, my friends, is one of those hard truths that I just don’t like to call out.

Last year, I began the process of niching down my business with the aim of serving Christian women professionals of any type. I took a leap and stopped seeking any new corporate business other than the freelance speaking and training that I do, and I determined to follow God on a path to developing a program to offer to Christian women through churches and women’s conferences.

This niching, I knew, was going to require much more confidence in the Word and much more deep study of the Word. I totally intend to do that. So why am I not making it top priority?

This intention is so very important to me and my work. And the fact that it’s not happening is also very important. I’m not taking the time to make the time for this important intention. And I think that this is primarily where most of us go wrong. Our intentions sound really good. We know that we should do them. We want what we are intending, but then we let life get in the way. We make excuses, and we believe them. What a pity.

So where should we ground our intentions so that we actually do what we intend?

Our intentions should never be separated from our faith. EVER. What we are doing and what our intentions are should always be flavored by our faith and the relationship that we have with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. This is a big topic, so next week, we’ll explore this more.

What are all the things you have said or thought that you intend to do? Let’s get busy making time and space to actually do them. ….BTW, if they aren’t honorable or Christ-centered, let’s NOT!!

Thanks for being with me on this life journey. Love and prayers for all of you.

In Christ,



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Connie Benoit Sirois

Connie Benoit Sirois

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