Directions Needed

Today, I feel like I need directions. On most days, lately, I feel like I just want someone telling me exactly what will work and how to get it done. Gut honesty here — some days I’d like someone to do it for me. This journey to being an author entrepreneur has been challenging, enlightening, amazing, overwhelming, and a blessing.

Today, it all culminates in LAUNCH DAY for my first book, The Impact Directive: How to Use Your Communication to Positively Impact Yourself and Others and Why it Matters that You Do.

It’s an amazing day to say the least, but that’s not all that should have happened on this day.

What should have happened

Today, this blog post should have gone live at 4 a.m. It should have been written days ago, weeks ago. An email should have gone out to my list with this blog post inside. Well, it wouldn’t have been this blog post exactly, not if I had written something ahead of time as I should have.

But that other blog post didn’t go out today because I didn’t write it. Today, I sit at my computer typing a blog post that will go live just as soon as I finish typing it. I sit typing this post to you because I know that I am in need of some Divine Directions.

What did happen.

My book journey over the past 12 months has fundamentally shifted what I care about and how I care to do my work. When God knocked on my business’s door in March of 2018 and said, “Let me in,” I was hesitant.

But two months later in May 2018, I was obedient. And the directions I was given were clear: “Let the Holy Spirit guide what you do with what you know.”

Friends, that is exactly what I am seeking to do more and more each day. That is exactly why I am seeking Divine Directions for what to do with my new platform, The Impact Directive, and what I consider my ministry. I am waiting on Divine Directions. I want to do well by others with what I have been privileged to learn over the years. 

What will happen.

This book and the message behind it are so much more than words on a page. God is truly calling me to a ministry using what I know about communication and the experiences I’ve had in my life and the talents He has given me. I know He will equip me for every direction that is to come. 

In the months coming, this blog will turn into a devotional of sorts. Something both meant to inspire but also guide. This part will be email community driven, so I’m going to be reaching out to people to join my email list so that I can be in consistent contact and be able to answer questions personally for my tribe.

I want to be connected to people, not just sending things to people. I so deeply desire to have a positive, powerful impact on as many people as God puts in my path.  

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Connie Benoit Sirois

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