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Mark 4:3–20

Because we are communicative beings, we seek community with others. We are designed this way, and community provides for needs that we have well beyond our physical state. All of us have seeds and soil that come together to make a sort of community garden. We are interconnected in ways beyond our knowing. You might make your own row in the garden, but the tending of the whole garden is what truly matters to our wellness and success.

But being in community opens us up to hurt and misunderstandings, to rudeness and disrespect, to harshness and dishonor. After all, we are broken people. We all carry around a level of discontent about certain things. These hard things about community are real struggles.

The fact that we exist in community with others makes it essential that we understand and harness our communicative power. It makes it essential that we cultivate good soil. To have the community that we desire, we must be relational right in the places where we are—our home, our work, our church, our organizations, the market, the street, the elevator, the checkout line, in traffic, at the airport. And to be relational, we have to communicate well in all of life’s ordinary, everyday moments.

Our lives are actually a series of moments that we are able to make meaningful through our communication within ourselves and with others. We have an amazing ability to create ourselves and our lives and to impact the creation of the lives of others who cross our paths.

The good soil, where we have the ability to positively impact others, is cultivated by what is deep within us. It comes from what has been sown within us, what we have allowed to be planted there. What I am capable of sowing out in the world is based on what has been sown within me. We should all want our soil to bless the rest of the garden, to help the rest of the soil become good soil, too.

I have discovered that I can be the bird, the rocky soil, or the thorns, that I can destroy the seed in me and in others. However, I am equally certain that I am directed to be good soil and to have a positive impact in God’s Kingdom.

And that is why I tend the garden.



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Connie Benoit Sirois

Connie Benoit Sirois

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We are called to love others as ourselves. Our communication gives us continual opportunities to do this. We should never miss a chance to honor others. I’d love for you to read about my mission.

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