A gathering place. A place for fellowship. A place for nourishment. A place for conversation.

Is my table these things?

Whom do I invite to my table?

What does it look like at my table each moment?

Think metaphorical. Think heart.

Am I inviting fellowship into my life?

Am I a place for people to get nourished?

Am I offering conversation?

Who is invited to my table?

My oldest daughter went to an elementary school that used the metaphor of table people and race people. Table people were helpers. They came to the table ready to be in fellowship with others. Their hearts were for other people and how they could serve. Race people were in it for themselves. They were looking for what they could gain or be rewarded with. It’s a great metaphor.

I know that I need #jesusforthejourney in this life.

In every moment of my life, am I a table covered with Jesus?

Is my communication with myself preparing me to set my table well?

Is my communication with others opening my table to all?

Every moment of our seemingly mundane lives is about the choice to set our table. Proverbs 9 lays out two tables for us. The Table of Wisdom or the Table of Folly. We must choose each moment at which table we will entertain.

We face choices in our communication with others.

Will I choose to set my table with the decorations of the world, of folly? The one that tells me to look out for myself and that it’s all about me and what I need.

Will I choose the gracious table setting of Christ’s Wisdom? The one that says offer grace and be patient with others. Be long-suffering. It’s not just about me. This table can be lonely. Often, we sit at this table alone. Guests may come and go, but because the gate is narrow (Matt 7:14) to this table, we may have to sit alone.

The time that we spend waiting is when we work on our internal communication on how we talk to ourselves. These are the precious times that we build our desire to have a table that invites and nourishes and honors.

TABLE. I want a beautiful TABLE.




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Connie Benoit Sirois

Connie Benoit Sirois

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