What is Your Stone?

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What is Your Stone?

What stone do you have that you can throw at the chaos in the world?

A whole lot of positive stuff happens in our world, in our countries, in our local cities, and in our own homes, but we would be remiss to ignore that a whole lot of negative happens in these places too. The human condition, if I can be so bold as to generalize in that way, makes it rather hard for us to work from a positive position all of the time, and it makes it really hard for all people to do only positive things toward others. You have and I have encountered people who are rude or inconsiderate or selfish or disengaged or disinterested or unwittingly clueless about how their actions are impacting other people. I have been some of those things if I am going to be honest here.

I love how psychologist Jordan Peterson describes our world as a balance or imbalance of order and chaos. That is to me such a simplistic yet profound way to think about the place that we inhabit as flesh-bound beings. We are in this together with other people and that makes for compounded and overlapping order and chaos on an individual level. The web of life grows larger and the intricacies grow deeper as we include or encounter other people in our lives.

We need to think about how we show up in this web of life. How do we come to the order/chaos of our world? How do we contribute to it? What is our place and responsibility?

Our Gift of Communication is Our Stone

Each of us is gifted with the ability to communicate. You may not feel like this is your “gift,” but it most certainly is a gift for EVERY person. God has made us communicative beings, and we cannot shirk from this opportunity or responsibility. It is not someone else’s job to do this well. It is not other people who are good at that stuff who should be paying attention to that. It is not only the writers or the speakers who should be throwing this stone. All of us are communicators. All of us are responsible for our communication. God has opted you into this. You are not allowed to opt out. You have been given a “stone” that is powerful.

David took his stone (literally) and flung it at Goliath. David had been practicing this “gift” for many years as a shepherd tending his sheep. He had to protect them, and stone flinging was his go-to method. But there is so much more here to consider. David’s stones were so much more than just rocks. David had developed a relationship with God in those years where he tended to God’s creation. He had learned to trust his gifts to God and to hone those gifts for the best use possible. He certainly never imagined that one day he would defeat an entire army with his stone flinging skills, but he did not ignore the opportunity to grow his skills to the benefit of others. David learned that his gifts and the best use of them were tied to his God and His expectations of us.

So what have you done with your gift of communication? Have you honed it? Have you tended to it? Have to ignored it? Certainly, you are using it. Every day you are using it. What is the effect that that is having on others? What about the effect that it is having on you? What if David had haphazardly used his stone flinging abilities? What if he had not practiced and practiced and practiced? What might have happened to the trajectory of the stones that he flung? What effect would they have had without diligent practice?

Tend to Our Gifts

Leaving your communication to chance is dangerous. Resting on the “this-is-just-how-I-am” lie is foolhardy. Thinking that others deserve it or just need to get over it is even worse. Why would you waste a gift?

David had figured out that the only way to battle chaos and win was to develop a relationship with God and then to throw God in the direction of the chaos and let God do all the work. What David did that day with Goliath was to take the peace of God and throw it at chaos. He used his gifts in a positive way to honor his God, and for that reason, he and those around him won. But long before that moment that day, David had spent time in practice!!!

God will bring order to our chaos, but we must first learn to build a relationship with Him so that we can bring Him into those situations with us. Our communication is the way that we can bring God into every communication situation we face. I surely have not always brought God with me into my communication with others or with myself. I have taken my stone and used it for negative reasons. I have added to the chaos. I have spoken into situations with the wrong intent and a negative heart. I lacked the right kind of practice.

I love the picture of what we can do when we practice communicating with others from a heart position of love. Trust me, it takes practice. The hard work needs to be done every day. It needs to be done before the moments of trial, and when we have slacked on our practice, we need to acknowledge this and work harder to practice using our “stones.”

Let me ask you, friend. How will you use your stone, your gift, your communication to honor others and glorify God and chip away at the chaos of the world?



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