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Learning is not enough!

You probably remember learning about sports in high school PE class. Even if you were an avid player of some sports, you likely had to play one in PE class that you hadn’t been introduced to formally before. You might have even had to take a test on what you had “learned” about that sport. So let’s say that you were introduced to volleyball for the first time. You’d seen people play it, but you had never tried it for yourself, and you surely didn’t understand the rules or exactly what you needed to do other than hit the ball over the net. You learned about a dig and a set and that “volley” isn’t a term used much in volleyball (“rally” is more common). Go figure. But maybe the biggest thing that you learned was that learning about volleyball didn’t make you good at it.

And isn’t that the truth for everything in life.

Learning about a diet won’t make you healthy. Learning about an exercise regimen won’t make you fit. And if you read my posts, you probably know what’s coming… Learning about communication won’t make you a better communicator. Learning about stuff is only one part. The hard work comes in applying and practicing what we’ve learned. The magic happens when we truly make changes based on what we have learned. I’m guilty of learning and knowing without actually changing. I learned a lot about communication over the years of my academic study and professional career, but real change was years away.

And then it was here.

The true change happened when I intently and intentionally started applying what I knew. It happened when my heart changed and I wanted change. For me, it happened in my communication when I let Jesus truly into my heart. And I deeply think that learning about Jesus made the difference for what I knew about communication. I’m not going to say that knowing Jesus better will help with your diet or your workout routine or your volleyball game, but it will definitely help with your move to be a better communicator. And I’ll go so far as to say that I truly believe that He is the only lasting way to make great communication happen. Please work to improve your communication, even if you aren’t interested in following Jesus. But do consider looking Him up 🙂 #theimpactdirective, if you choose to accept it, is to implement the lessons about becoming a better communicator. The promise is that it will change so much more than just your communication. Communication is how we do life, so better communication will mean better living.

Blessings, Connie

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We are called to love others as ourselves. Our communication gives us continual opportunities to do this. We should never miss a chance to honor others. I’d love for you to read about my mission.

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