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Stop ignoring this…

“I’m going to just ignore that you said that.” Have you ever ignored a situation? Have you ever pretended not to see? Has someone ever said something rude and you ignored it? Have you ever said something rude and then ignored the person you said it to? How'd all that...

Spot Your Ordinary Unordinary Moments

Excerpted from The Impact Directive: How to Use Your Communication to Honor Yourself and Others and Why it Matters that You Do by Connie Benoit Sirois  (launching June 11, 2019 - available for pre-order in May)     Every encounter matters. And I do mean...

Run Away from the “Be Yourself” Tragedy

"Just be yourself.”   You've heard it, been advised to do it, said it to someone else, lived by it. But is it really good advice or should we be running as fast as we can away from this potential tragedy? To be honest, I don't like the saying much because, for a...

Set Your Table – No JoJo Needed

TABLE. A gathering place. A place for fellowship. A place for nourishment. A place for conversation. Is my table these things? Whom do I invite to my table? What does it look like at my table each moment? Think metaphorical. Think heart. Am I inviting fellowship into...

Quit Squirreling and Help Just One More

In the Pixar movie Up, a Golden Retriever named Dug has been fitted by his former master with a collar that allows us to hear all of Dug’s thoughts. Dug tries really hard to focus on what Russell (the Boy Scout) and Mr. Carl Fredricksen need from him, but he just...

Give Others What They Deserve

So much effort had gone into my getting that hotel room right across from the Fort Worth Convention Center. This particular year, I was going to be within walking distance to the Premier Designs Rally that I was attending. My husband was joining me, and I wanted us to...

The Enemy Wants Your Impact

Each of us is called to have a positive impact on the people we come into contact with. No matter the situation, we are not designed to bring negativity to others. Doing communication from a heart to honor changes everything in your life.

Leaving Jesus at the Altar

It’s like the worst nightmare of any groom, right? He's waiting patiently at the altar for his lovely bride. The music begins. He feels his heart begin to pound, and everyone stands in anticipation of the bride’s entrance. The music plays on. Minutes pass....

What is Your Stone?

What is Your Stone? What stone do you have that you can throw at the chaos in the world? A whole lot of positive stuff happens in our world, in our countries, in our local cities, and in our own homes, but we would be remiss to ignore that a whole lot of negative...

Communicate Your Thankfulness

Communicate Your Thankfulness! (Audio run time, under 4 minutes) This year has been one of transition for me and, because of me, for my family. In January, I early-retired from my university teaching position to pursue communication consulting. I had big plans and...

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Your ability to communicate allows you to connect with others, to gain their trust, and to build lasting relationships with them–all things critical to business (and life) growth. To reap these benefits, you must be communicating effectively. You want to be working to improve the one thing (communication) that builds relationships and fosters trust. I help people improve that one thing.


Whether you’re having a company conference or you’re coordinating a meeting, engaging content is a must…


Your most profound improvements will come from working one-on-one with an expert teacher…

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Communication success relies on every team member being at his or her best when it comes to…

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Every communication effort is a chance to build relationships. Collectively, your communications show…

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Your communication never takes a break, so neither should your ability to provide excellent…

From the Founder

Honor Others. Find Success.

The foundation of great relationships in business and in life rests on having great communication with others. At the core of that is the desire to honor others, to truly love others by offering them our best selves in every moment, even when we aren’t our best selves at that moment.

We truly owe others our best. In business that equates to knowing our stakeholders well and serving them humbly and completely. In life that equates to the same.

My career mission is to honor my clients by helping them honor people.

“Be devoted to one another in love.
Honor one another above yourselves.”
Romans 12:10 (NIV)

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