My Mission

Bless Others so they can Bless Others


We are called to love others as ourselves. Our communication gives us continual opportunities to do this. We should never miss a chance to honor others.

Connie Benoit Sirois, Owner – Reset Focus LLC

The Story

Love others. Start with myself.

The foundation of great relationships in business and in life rests on having great communication with others. At the core of that is the desire to honor others, to truly love on others by offering them our best selves in every moment, even when we aren’t our best selves at that moment.

We truly owe others our best. In business that equates to knowing our clients well and serving them humbly and completely. In life that equates to the same.

My career mission is to honor my clients by helping them honor theirs. By helping my clients truly honor their clients through captivating communications, I am helping them increase client satisfaction to drive retention and referrals.

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