Communication drives our lives. Helping people create great communication is my focus.


  • With 137 family stockholders, our Company faced communication challenges. Most wanted more communications. What they all really wanted was the “right” communication. It had to be concise, informative, complete, and well written. With the training we received from Connie and the editing she does for us on an ongoing basis, we are confident that we are communicating effectively with our stockholders and other business partners.

    Glenn J. Vice, CPA, CFE, CGMA, CMPE

    Glenn J. Vice, CPA, CFE, CGMA, CMPE

    CEO, The J.M. Burguieres Co. Limited


  • online mentoring

    With digital technologies, opportunities to connect are right at our fingertips, and the Captivating Business Communication Community takes full advantage of those technologies. You have access to great coaching at your place and at your pace. Choose a membership level that's right for you. Join us now. Captivating communication awaits.

  • individual coaching

    Our most profound improvements happen one-on-one with a skilled teacher. So individual coaching makes sense for those who want just that much more from themselves. In your one-on-one coaching sessions, you get the benefit of that rich learning environment with an experienced teacher. Contact me now.

  • communication consulting

    Every communication effort is a chance to build relationships, and collectively, your communications make up who you are as a business and a businessperson. Having a communication strategy for your business (and for yourself) helps guide when and how and what gets communicated and brings clearly into focus the who of every communication effort. Leave nothing to chance. Let's connect.

  • writing & editing

    Your communication never takes a break, so neither should your ability to make it excellent. But I completely understand that some people would just rather have someone else do all that writing and editing for them. No problem. This writing and editing service gives you peace of mind and great communications. What can I write for you?

  • group training

    Communication success relies on every team member being at his or her very best when it comes to communication skills and knowledge. Your team can never know too much about how and when and what to communicate to whom. Group trainings are a great way to build the supportive team spirit that means so much in business. Let me be part of your team.

  • speeches

    Whether you're having a company conference or you're coordinating a meeting that needs engaging content from its speakers, you're going to reach your event goals when you team up with me. With 25+ years of teaching, conference, and volunteer speaking experiences, I bring to you my knowledge of communications and my comfort as a public speaker. Fill the stage. Contact me today.

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