Communication drives our lives, and great communication drives our successes. Helping people create great communication is my focus. Whether you need to work on your self-communication or want to captivate your audiences, I’d love to help you get there.


My Story

With over 25 years of communication experience and over a decade of focused business communication study and teaching, I provide my clients with knowledge and techniques that they can apply immediately to make a difference in their conversations or their boardroom presentations. No matter the industry or position, communication matters, and excellent communication sets one apart. Therefore, as a communication consultant, trainer, and speaker, I tailor my expert advice to the individual client to help create a communicator who captivates.

My knowledge of how effective communication can transform a business and a person drives my passion for coaching. I absolutely LOVE dissecting a communication situation with a client and helping that client develop a plan that takes the basic concepts of excellent communication and brings them to bear in ways that both engage the audience and elevate the communication effort.

Expectations and best practices change over time. As a long-time communication expert, I’ve learned these changes, taught these changes, and implemented these changes and have a deep understanding of how communication works and what clients and colleagues expect. From this experience, I help my clients hone their skills to create impressive, impactful, and engaging communications.

My communication expertise spans several areas of communication theory. In addition to my decades of professional development as a university instructor, I hold a bachelor’s degree in mass communication (emphasis public relations), a master’s degree in English (emphasis rhetoric and composition), and an Elite Life Coach certification from The Coach Mindset.

In my career coaching, I am helping people create daily communication that captivates. By focusing on both intra-personal and interpersonal communication concepts, my clients create communications that are impressive, impactful, and engaging. Find out more at the Captivating Business Communication Community.

Through my life coaching, I help women find control by guiding them to productive intra-personal communication. This is a passion because in 2007 I lost control of my self-talk after my mom died. The journey to take back my mind (my self-talk) drives this part of my work. Get to know this part of my business more at the Busy Woman’s Guide.

My consulting company is Reset Focus LLC (

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